Better late than never!


The Nicaragua service trip was a huge success! Although few in number, we were mighty in our desire to make a difference. As is often the case with volunteer work, we seemed to benefit in more ways than we imagined.

Here’s a quick list of all that we did:

·      Helping with English classes

·      Filling in around a new well

·      Clearing land for new houses for those that are in great need

·      Playing soccer on the beach

·      Playing kickball on the beach for a TV station story on tourism

·      Speaking Spanish

·      Preparing and serving a lunch to impoverished youth in El Limonal

·      Cleaning out the Language Center

·      Arranging for a library at the new Language Center

·      Tour of development projects supported by Together Works Society

·      Hiking up a 700m cinder cone volcano and sandboarding down it

·      Lunch in Leon with some shopping

·      Visiting children in the school made out of pop bottles

·      Surf lessons

·      Swimming in the waves

·      Releasing sea turtles

·      Napping in the hammock

·      Making smoothies at the smoothie bar

·      Drinking from a fresh coconut

·      Trying coconut bread – delicious

·      Visit to a nearby orphanage to weed the garden and do crafts with the children

·      Sorting donations in two shipping containers

·      Thousands of shoes and pieces of soap!

·      Deliver donated shoes and soap to Villa Nueva Esperanza

·      Endless games of Slap Jack and Egyptian War

·      Walks on the beach

·      Sunrise paddle – kayaking and paddle boarding

·      Appreciating sunsets

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