CSSRA - Day Two - "The christening, windy ways and water falling over a rock Day"

CSSRA – Day 2 – “The christening, windy ways and water falling over a rock Day”

The second day started out fantastic for everyone. The water was flat, the sun was shining and there were few people on Henley Island. The senior girls placed the new 8+ on two stretchers and we had an impromptu christening. Mrs.Sage said a few words and then Brooke M, our girls boathouse captain poured water from the finish line of our home course in Mill Bay.


A tradition started over 20 years ago when we pick up a new boat for the CSSRA Regatta. The name of the boat has not been decided yet. Though there are names on the table, the final decision will be made before the start of the new year. The new “Legacy” 8+ is the third eight purchased with funds from the Rowing Club’s Boat Fund. In 2004 Greg Hughes (BCS grad 1992 and current Head Coach of Princeton University’s Heavyweight Men’s programme), started the “AC Carr” Boat Fund. From there we have developed the “John Queen” Lightweight Men’s Fund and the Women’s “Legacy” Fund. All in total, the three funds have reached $700,000. The goal is to develop the overall fund so that every boat and blade in the boathouse comes from the fund.

After the christening the 44 athletes in various combinations headed out on the water for their first row. At first the water was flat and manageable. Then the winds picked up right down the center of the course. They had a fantastic tail wind in one direction and then a miserable head wind in the other direction. By the end of the first row, we were only rowing in the top 1500 meters of the racecourse.

On mass we left the course and went for lunch. Some of the student athletes went for salads and pasta bars, while others went for Subway and Quizno’s.

The second row of the day we encountered heavier winds and a shorter course to row on due to half of the racecourse to rough to row on. This was fine by us, as we needed to get back to the hotel to pack in a two hour study session. Most of the students worked out in the hallway where the wifi was better and academic collaboration could take place.

At 5:30 pm we all loaded back into the five vans and headed off to Niagara Falls and Mick and Angelos for dinner. Mick and Angelos is a fantastic Italian restaurant we have been going to for the past seven years. This year was extra special as we celebrated Mr.Beatty’s 29th(so he tells us) birthday.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.35.48 PMThe Junior Boys presented him with a beautiful fur coat and a ball cap from the St.Catharines Rowing Club. This time we went for dinner before heading off to Niagara Falls for the annual team photo in front of this wonder of the world.


IMG_9695 IMG_9718

Lots of photos and then we piled back into the vans for the trip back to our hotel. Packed in a full day and now the hallway is peaceful and quiet. I can finish this blog, load some photos (tons of photos on the Brentwood Flickr site and Brentwood College School Rowing Facebook page)

They are expecting some storms to start rolling in tonight and tomorrow morning. We are used to adversity and adapting the situations. No different tomorrow. Until then and what excellent adventures Bill and Ted can take us on tomorrow.

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