We’re back off to London town today, but it’s free format based on the sights touched on yesterday and knowledge given on the museums and attractions. It’s a later start, but still takes an hour to get to the embankment parking area directly opposite the London Eye.


After considering the queue time and ride time, no-one opts to take the eye as it will chew into their day too much. I accompany a group of students who want to visit Camden Market, one of the sites we passed on our way to the game yesterday. The group is given instruction in which day pass to buy and on how to plan a tube journey based on start point, destination and the different tube lines and their interchange stations. Camden is a bit of a weird station because it is closed to entry traffic between 1pm and 5:30pm, we make sure the group knows this too.

20160327_115637 DSC_9061 DSC_9060

I leave the students to their bargain hunting and head down to the Camden Locks where I’m lucky enough to witness a narrow boat ascending the system. It’s something I wish all the students on the trip could witness. The elegant application of physics to solve a water transportation problem. How to get a boat from a low level canal to a higher level canal.

DSC_9062 DSC_9066 DSC_9069 DSC_9076

I then head back through the market areas and just make it into Camden tube station with 1 minute to spare. Changing at Leicester Square, I make it to South Kensington and the main museum district. There’s a longish queue to enter the Natural History Museum, but moving along at a decent clip I make it in with 30s to spare before the deluge hits. Heavy rain and hail pound the pavements outside, but inside this magnificent building all is safe and dry.

DSC_9110 DSC_9113 DSC_9108

I know at least one group of students made it through the Natural History Museum but I have no pictures of them. All I can do is post some of the pictures I took to give a glimpse of some of the wonders within that they may have experienced. Another group of Tourists visited the Imperial War Museum and yet another group hit the British Museum.

DSC_9079 DSC_9082 DSC_9083 DSC_9084 DSC_9097 DSC_9102 DSC_910720160327_15511620160327_15485920160327_15440020160327_15434320160327_154331

I then briefly visit the Science museum, another fabulous building for holding the massive array of technology displays. I only had time for Churchill’s Scientists and the Power room, but I still feel the visit was worthwhile as I certainly learned a few things.


DSC_9117 DSC_9116 DSC_9115 DSC_9121

Then it’s another tube interchange journey back to the Embankment to meet the bus. We head back to the hotel and start planning the team dinner. A traditional end of tour affair where silly awards are created for each tourist and end of trip prizes given out. This being Easter weekend and the boys away from families, we also hand our chocolate Easter Bunnies as an Easter Treat. The tour has been a wonderful experience, hectic and at times very tiring, but a profound learning opportunity. The boys have responded incredibly to the challenge presented to them and, we hope, learned a little more about themselves, other people and the history and culture of some of Britain.

DSC_9136 DSC_9139 DSC_9144 DSC_9153 DSC_9148DSC_9149

DSC_9146    DSC_9150

This will be the last blog entry as the party departs for Mill Bay in the morning. I hope these pages have shed some light on the activities of the group and helped you all to feel a part of the party!

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